Sharif Razavi

Dreams are my reality... because I strive to make them so.

Cultural & urban sub-culture Researcher, Art lover, Novel and Poem writer, athlete, fashion criticizer, former manager of Behpooshi institute, cultural management student, experiencer and Restless adventurer.

This is my official website, i'll be very glad full to be in touch with dissimilar and similar people who interest in new experiences .




Behpooshi Ins. ,Iran

Formerly, I was the manager of one of the most important and active institution in the field of the fashion in Iran named Behpooshi. And I was the advisor of Ministery of Culture and Islamic Guidence of Iran, but due to changing the laws of Beh-pooshi, it was closed in 2016.



Side experiences

I have detailed information about market conditions, taste and style, Practitioner and all national rules for Fashion and related products in Iran additionally my deep cognition about Art and Cultural sphere in Iran caused many consult and independent experiences.

Recent Projects



WearEntity(WE) is one of my last projects. "WE" aimed to make an individual representation of personal style with out any border


Fashion Trilogy

Because the lack of Reliable sources about fashion i decides to translate 3 books which hopefully will publish in the following year.

  • “Fashion: A Philosophy” by Lars Svendsen

  • Fashion: A Philosophy is that fashion is an ineluctable and malignant force in modern life. The scholarly nature of this book, it is suggested, will enable a critical distance in us, the reader, so that we are less in thrall to fashion in our inevitable engagement with it.

  • “Fashion-ology” by Yuniya Kawamura

  • This book provides a concise and much-needed introduction to the sociology of fashion. Most studies of fashion do not make a clear distinction between clothing and fashion. Kawamura argues that clothing is a tangible material product whereas fashion is a symbolic cultural product.

  • “Changing Fashion” by Annette Lynch & Mitchell Strauss

  • Changing trends in fashion have always reflected large-scale social and cultural changes. Changing Fashion presents a multi-disciplinary approach to examining fashion change, bringing together theory from fashion studies, cultural studies, sociology, psychology and art history, and more. Ideal for the undergraduate student of fashion and cultural studies, the book has a wide range of contemporary and historical case material which provides practical examples of trend analysis and change, from the art deco textile designs of Sonia Delaunay to the chameleonic shifts in Bob Dylan's appearance over time. Key issues in fashion and identity, such as race, gender and consumption are examined from different disciplinary angles to provide a critical overview of the field.


  • 01.01.2018Dazzeling

    Trying to make a most beautiful world with my own theory in cognition and international-intercultural language.
  • 23.09.2017Rising again

    Ranked 6th in university entrance exam for master of cultural management in Iran Master of Science in cultural management.
  • 20.03.2016WTF...

    beautiful defeat... begining of second life... Reading, Reading and thinking...
  • 20.02.2014Foundation of Behpooshi

    owing to miracle of 7 years of self discovery and my bachelor degree in cultural and art management, I founded very first fashion institute in Iran.
  • 21.03.2007Fun&Perplexity

    I have had exprienced: traveling ,profligacy, adventure, flirting, Reading, ritual experience, Mysticism, military services and a broken love... for 7 years.
  • 10.07.2005Tragic Injury

    I was exercising in order to qualify and play in a prominent soccer club while I was hardly injured and I could not continue for one year.
  • 22.08.2004Tehran, città aperta

    We came to Tehran.
  • 23.09.2002Boring computer engineering

    expulsion was destination of disinterest.
  • 1984-2003Cross Cultural Rising

    Growing in different cities(e.g. Shiraz, Aligudarz, Ghoarveh, Hamedan, Isfahan) and among different Iranian races.
  • 10.06.1984Birth

    I was born In the middle class family, and in the middle of war, in Shiraz.